3 Takeaways From Our Cybersecurity Event [May 9 2018]

Group photo post cybersecurity event. All attendees and partners are featured! cybersecurity powerful learning
Group Photo at the end of our event. We are thankful for everyone who came! It was a wonderful night of learning.

On May 9 2018, we held an evening post-dinner talk featuring cybersecurity specialist, Certified ethical hacker and cybersecurity industry insider Loi Liang Yang. The event attracted over two dozen guests from different industries, all with the common goal of finding out more about how hackers breach digital systems and wreak havoc, and what the future of cybersecurity will look like.

Here’s what happened:

Pizzas and coffees at our Cybersecurity event. Tasty refreshments for all!
Tasty pizzas from the pizza experts at Dominos Singapore.

Pizzas ahoy! The pre-event kicked off with a delightful spread of pizzas and various assorted finger food. Lots of hands were shook and name cards exchanged during this time. Hot coffee and tea were provided to keep thirst away and give a quick energy boost.

Hot coffee and tea from Paris Baguette cafe. Special thanks to Paris Baguette at Hong Leong Building for providing us with the special order at the last minute. Milk and sweeteners all provided!
Perk-me up coffee and tea for all guests

A key component of any IoTalents event is the networking session. The sumptuous array of pizzas and drinks made it very natural for everyone to get to know each other.

Event attendees doing networking during pre-event networking session.
Event attendees getting to know each other

At around 7pm, guests were ushered into the comforts of the presentation theatre. We began with a series of short sharing about IoTalents and our key supporting partners, CITIC Telecom CPC and NTUC U FSE.  Special thanks to our partners for their support in this event!

3 Key Takeaways:

Featured speaker and cybersecurity specialist Loi Liang Yang gives his presentation.
Featured speaker and cybersecurity expert Loi Liang Yang gives his presentation

WiFi Spoofing

The main event begins! Loi begins by showing us how Public WiFi systems can be easily exploited with the use of a device that fits into the palm of your hand. The device creates its own WiFi hotspot that mimics the appearance and behaviour of a legitimate access point, therefore luring unsuspecting users into connecting to the network. This means the individual in control of the device can intercept and view all unencrypted data transmitted over the false WiFi network. The is known as a Man in the Middle attack. Key learning point: Be wary when seeking to connect to a Public, open WiFi network. It is better to be paranoid than sorry.

Mobile security firm Lookout has a great article on WiFi spoofing. Check it out here.

The Dark Web

Surfing the Dark Web feels something like this.
Surfing the Dark Web feels something like this.

The deep abysses of the Dark Web was discussed. For the uninitiated, the Dark Web simply refers to a part of the internet that are not indexed by search engines and encrypted. This therefore requires the use of special tools to access. Does this sound dangerous? Because it can be! The Dark Web is a really dangerous place to be if you do not know what you are doing, and Loi showed us what malicious dangers lurk around in the Dark Web.

For more details on the Dark Web and what it entails, check out Tech Advisor’s simple, easy-to-read article here.

A Cybersecurity Career Is Worth It

Attendees listening intently to cybersecurity expert, Loi Liang Yang's presentation.
Attendees listening intently to Loi’s presentation.

A career in cybersecurity can be both rewarding and lucrative. Loi explained the various roles available to cybersecurity specialists, from pre-sale, sale and post-sale technical roles. Given the ever increasing importance of cybersecurity in today’s world and the future, cybersecurity personnels enjoy strong demand. Some roles include: Security Sales Specialist, Penetration Tester, Cybersecurity Software Developer. The more technical the role, the better the pay package.


In the good old days before the internet, if someone wanted your information and possessions, they needed to breach physical barriers to get to you. Now, with more and more of our information out there in digital form, all it takes a computer, internet and some hacking prowess for an individual to get your data. 

One of the salient points that Loi made was that most hacks are done silently. Over 90% of hacking victims do not even know they have been breached!

It is of little wonder that cybersecurity has become more important than ever.

On the other hand, all of this has resulted in an increased need for cybersecurity professionals. To keep our data safe, we need skilled specialists who know how to protect it from various threats. At the same time, everyone can be vigilant and play their part in protecting themselves from falling prey to hackers by doing their due diligence, and being careful about what sites they visit, what emails they open etc.

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