How You Should Prepare Your Resume in 2017

How you should prepare your resume in 2017

Searching for your dream career is a very long journey. It is not the kind where it appears in front of you once and you are there. Things may go well initially, but soon things can start to overwhelm you if you are not prepared. Frequently changing jobs can leave you with low self-esteem. Having a negative way of thought can shape the way you perceive about pre-employment requisites. One example is feeling terrified by the position you are applying for. Heck, let alone even your interviewer. How do you overcome this mental barrier? How do you increase the chances of getting employed? Improving your employability is more than changing of attitude. It is even simpler than that. Rather than focusing on the skills you lack in, start by looking at what you can offer to a potential employer. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you:

Create A Credible Profile

Experiences does not out rank everything when it comes to employment. How you explain your experiences is what makes you stand out. Needless to say, a great resume attracts great employers. Telling the interviewer that you have years of experience is a way to good begin, but keep the content for them to read. Bullet point formatting is best. Easy to read and digest. On average recruiters spend no longer than 6 seconds before making a decision.

A good way to start is by referring to your inventory of professional profiles. Including your current resume and other digital personas. Social media accounts are your best friend in job searching. Statistically, Social Media is used by 94% of recruiters to source for candidates. Cross-examine your accounts thoroughly and make sure any experience mentioned is relevant and provides a point of difference. If you freelance in a client-based position, then offer a testimonial from a happy client to build trust and a credible reputation.

Volunteer To Show You Care

Unemployment in your history of employment is inevitable and unfortunately never a good appealing. One crucial factor to improve your employability is to keep your resume active. One example is by doing volunteer work. Volunteering is often overlooked by candidates, but voluntary experience is considered by a number of employers to be equally important as paid work.

One example is to volunteer in a place where it is relevant to your ideal career. This will benefit you and give you an edge over the rest for a paid position in the career. This shows age does not matter but experience and aspirations in volunteer work is a factor in improving employability.

Volunteering in unfamiliar work environments also demonstrates a sense of strong communication skills and problem-solving. Both of these skills set are found to be less common and more desired by employers nowadays.

Expand Your Skill Set

In this digital age, rapid advancements continue to redefine the parameters of a ‘standard’ skill set. Everything from your core skills such as numeracy, literacy and handle on technology, are no longer outstanding skills but rather something you are simply expected to possess. It is crucial you equip yourself with the right skill set to not only keep up with the fast pace but to stay one step ahead of your competitors. One such example is having essential leadership qualities. This is highly valued by employers and are strongly associated with a life of learning. Another example is to enrol yourself in short courses, workshops or hour-long seminars that will help you expand your skill set and make your application or resume stand out from the pool of talents.

What recruiters prioritises to see on resumes more than anything else are qualities that reflect your career and character. Such examples are studies, hobbies and experiences that show passion in the industry you are in. Overall, this is the perfect opportunity to inject some zest into your application for the job without exaggerating while improving your overall employability. is an integrated platform for online Hirers and IT Workforce (Employees, Contract workers and Virtual Talents) to get intelligently connected and transact. We match companies to awesome talent, through a precise combination of data science and human judgement.