Looking Back: Get Your Website To Page One – SEO Master Class Event

SEO Masterclass IoTalents Kevin Dam

Looking Back: Get Your Website To Page One

What does it take to bring your website to the front pages of Google?

This question and more were answered in our latest Masterclass event, featuring digital marketing and SEO expert Kevin Dam.

Kevin has nearly a decade’s worth of experience helping businesses optimise their search engine presence and currently runs his own digital marketing agency.

The event, organised in conjunction with NTUC’s e2i’s and FSE Unit (Freelancers and Self-employed Unit) was held in the comforts of The Hive on 13 Dec 2017, attracting over two dozen freelancers, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Find out what went on below!

Before the talk…

Our event started at 7 pm sharp. Event attendees were treated to tasty light refreshments, which included the heavenly pastries pictured above!

As networking was part of the event itself, we encouraged all attendees to mingle and get to know one another. Note the cafe-style seating arrangement!

IoTalent's Community Manager warms up the floor.

Our Community Manager Terence was on hand to host the event. Before Kevin’s sharing officially began, Terence worked his charm on the crowd, introducing the event and our speaker, as well as taking any questions the crowd had.

Kevin begins his sharing! The crowd was enthralled for a full hour as Kevin shared his insights into SEO.

He also spoke on how he got into the digital marketing business, having previously been in the banking sector. A lot of independent reading and learning led him to become the expert he is today.

A key takeaway for me: build relations, bring value to people! When you do that, SEO immediately gets easier as your content and products are of value, thus people will visit your site to learn more.

  SEO event NTUC E2I and FSE in conjunction with IoTalents, together with Kevin Dam, digital support asia chief. Search Engine Optimization is a key aspect of business. Learn more.

We wrapped the evening with a Q&A session between Kevin and the attendees. Terence was also on hand to answer any other questions that the floor had.

Many questions were raised, especially from business owners in attendance who wanted to bring their business websites to the forefront of search engines.

The IoTalents team together with our guest speaker, Kevin Dam. SEO Event Masterclass held at The Hive, in conjunction with NTUC.
The IoTalents team together with our featured speaker, Kevin Dam

It was truly a great evening of learning, networking and opportunities!

Kevin is a masterful speaker and a true expert in his field, and we are all glad to have had the chance to learn directly from him.

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