Is Ecommerce Worth the Effort?


Ever wondered whether Ecommerce is no longer a strategy but a necessity?

Singapore is known as a world-class technology hub in Asia. The statistics do not lie: Singapore is ranked first in digital infrastructure in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest Asian Digital Transformation Index.

As such, every industry is encouraged to keep up with technological advancements. This includes the relatively traditional industries of agriculture and F&B wholesale trade,

In 2021, it’s estimated that out of an estimated global population of 8 billion people, 25% of them will be global digital buyers.

We were recently invited to speak at an event by Employee and Employability Institute (E2I), where the business possibilities of Ecommerce were explored.

We were invited to share our insights on building a digital team, by first knowing what digital talents want from their careers. We shared the stage with Digital Solution providers FirstCom Solutions, and One X Tech.

What are the possibilities Ecommerce can bring to your business?

  • Business expansion across borders/ Reaching a Global Market
  • Business efficiency
  • Business growth
  • Easier entry into other countries’ markets (Eg. China borders through WeChat)
  • Improve convenience for customers
  • Wider range of customers who may currently not be able to access your products
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Through the event, we were able to learn from our fellow speakers, as well as attendees, gaining deeper insight into what agriculture and F&B wholesale trade companies were looking for when it comes to Ecommerce.

This hence enables us to further improve our services and expand our current knowledge of industry. It is not only about raising brand awareness and expanding our network, but also about learning from others too. 

“Life’s a dance, you learn as you go”

– John Michael Montgomery

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One of the highlights of the event was the service offered by FirstCom Solutions.

It is a digital agency which enables businesses to track the human traffic on Ecommerce such as how many people viewed the website, was it through desktop or mobile, which country are most of the viewers from, etc.

FirstCom Solutions helps businesses operate their ecommerce more effectively and efficiently by creating magnetic content and inbound marketing strategies from performance-based data.

With such service, ecommerce can know how they can further improve, what market to target and how to attract more customers.

What amazed me during this event was that both the audience and speakers were mainly young adults that seemed to be in their early 30s or 40s and even late 20s.

This made me realize how capable the current generations are as it is not easy to start a business, especially at such a young age. I believe you think so too.

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Main gist of the event?

Based on my thoughts, it is to promote Ecommerce to the traditional enterprises, and encourage them to enter the Ecommerce world. This made me ponder “Is ecommerce necessary for the success of a business?”

The answer was clear after hearing the talk and interacting with the speakers and audience. 

“Sales has been going down.”

“Looking for an alternative to expand our business.”

These were often heard by the audience operating traditional businesses.

“We do not have a web designer.”

“We don’t know how to create a website.”

We also understand that although businesses are interested in setting up an ecommerce, many do not have the knowledge and skills nor resources to create one, which is where agencies like us come in.

As we interacted more with the attendees, we learnt more about what the companies are looking for and how could we offer our services to them, making them into our potential customers.

On the other hand, as we interacted more with the other capable speakers, we were able to expand our network and even form potential collaborations.

In a nutshell, it was a time well spent for us with the knowledge gained, network expanded, and brand awareness raised. We are truly grateful to have such beneficial partnership with E2I, and we look forward to future events with them and further collaborations with other partners.

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