Takeaways from HR Vendor of the Year 2019


In my recent article “Top 8 things employees really want at work”, recognition and working with a sense of purpose are among the things employees look for in a company. 

They are also strong motivational tools and employee retention tools. Psst.. Psst..

And these two factors were obviously exhibited in the event, HR Vendor of the Year 2019. My first ever company gala dinner, black-tie event. 

My exact expression when my CEO invited me to join them.
Happy yet surpised.

As an intern, I felt it was a great privilege for me to be exposed to such a grand event and meet big HR stars and professionals such as Mercer, Manpower Group and Willis Towers Watson.

An experience which I would never imagine having during my schooling days. “Am really lucky to be part of IoTalents.”, was what I kept thinking as I sat through the event.

However, one question that lingered in my mind before and even during the event day was “What is the purpose of HR Vendor of the Year 2019?”, until I saw the priceless facial expressions on the employees when they receive an award.

What made my answer clearer was when I heard “The Best Applicant Tracking System goes to… IoTalents!”

Top 3 winners for Best Applicant Tracking Software

That’s when I realise the sense of achievement, pride for the company and happiness shared within the team were what encouraged people to enter the award ceremony and the purpose of having such an event.

So what are my key takeaways from HR Vendor of the Year (HRVOTY) 2019?

1. Purpose of Event

As industries gradually enter digitalisation and a reskilling revolution, the need to build deep functional capability becomes more vital for the success of businesses. 

Hence, most HR teams heavily leverage on HR solution providers to help their organisation remain competitive, seize new opportunities and unlock the true potential of its business and people.

And if you are not one of them, what are you waiting for? Hop on the bandwagon! 

An example of an HR solution you can implement to assist your hiring process is the Applicant Tracking System. 

A service we offer and have been awarded Gold, at the HRVOTY event itself. 

Up the stage, we go. Up the ladder, we go.

So why not try out our demo! (wink emoji)

“Employee recognition is one of the main contributors in creating a positive and outstanding work culture.”, mentioned in my previous blog post.

With that said, the relentless effort contributed by the HR solution providers should be recognised to make them feel appreciated and motivate them to continue to bring a positive impact to society.

Which is where HRVOTY comes in. 

HRVOTY is Asia’s largest award event aimed to honour and recognise HR service providers, across the region, who have made HR excellence possible, bringing HR to where it is today. 

Without these capable solution providers disrupting the HR function and innovating business performance, many organisations would not have been able to advance and keep up with the ever-changing workforce and technology.

2. Reasons to have award shows

An Award Show is a formal to semi-formal event to celebrate excellence and achievements of individuals or organizations in a particular field by giving trophies. 

Being recognised for your hard work and efforts in a room full of your peers or even competitors is truly gratifying and memorable. 

It will leave your awardees feeling that their work is valued and your entire organization energized.

And at the end of the day, the only phrase remaining in their mind will be “It was all worth it.”

Such sentiment is what boosts individuals’ and organisations’ morale and motivates them to strive to be better.

In a way, giving individuals a sense of purpose in work and even in life, creating a drive to add value to the future company and society. 

3. Reasons to participate in award ceremonies

In reference to Small Business and International Awards Associates (IAA)

a) Free marketing (Raise brand awareness, boost brand recognition)

Entering award ceremonies is an overlooked marketing tool which will place your company name in the spotlight. Raising brand awareness and boosting brand recognition.

A great PR opportunity. A great customer outreach strategy.

Furthermore, winning an award or just being shortlisting will bolster your PR exposure.

Hence, make sure to maximise your PR exposure by sharing your status on your marketing materials such as company blog, social media channels, etc. 

b) Benchmarking

According to Spotify.com, benchmarking is a process of measuring the performance of a company’s products, services, or processes against those of another business considered to be the best in the industry, aka “best in class.”

Thus, the point of benchmarking is for the company to identify areas for improvement and to overcome complacency.

By applying for awards, it ‘forces’ you to look at your company from different angles and perspectives as you compare yourself to your competitors.

A ‘forced’ opportunity for you to brainstorm on how to make yourself stand out from your competitors, improving your competitive edge.

c) Increase credibility

“The Best…” or “Gold in…” are words that do not only seem pleasant to peoples’ eyes but can be a seal of approval to your activities and deals too.

Reason being, it enables people to recognise the positive work you do and trust the service you offer. 

Therefore, credible awards will help to position your brand positively and set you apart from your competitors.

Leading to an increase in the number of customers.

c) Attract and retain talent

Every employee would want to work at a successful and well-recognised company. 

But obviously, the work culture and environment has to be great too as they are the main attention getters and retention tools. 

An award-winning company boosts the level of pride its people have in their jobs, which leads to them spreading positive words about the company, happily and willingly referring others to the company.

An effective way to reach out to passive candidates.

Furthermore, participating in award shows enables employees to receive recognition for their efforts and accomplishment.

Thus, giving them a sense of belonging and increasing loyalty to the company.

This applies especially for the Millenials. Coming in at 60%, compared to just 53% of baby boomers, LinkedIn reveals.

d) Secure investment

Investors will be more willing to invest in sustainable companies. 

Having the status for winning awards will without a doubt boost your company’s reputation and credibility. 

Hence, attract investors as they will be more assured that their money is invested in the right place. 

A bonus would be that awards make it easier to work with partners and the press.

e) Expand network

By attending industry events, it is an opportunity for you to make connections with other business leaders, share best practices and gain brand recognition.

Who says you can’t befriend your competitors and build mutually beneficial relationships?

Reasons to make friends with your competitors [Inc.com]:

  1. Lends credibility to your industry
  2. Generates resources
  3. Pushes you to become the best you can be
  4. Brings recognition to your industry.
  5. May lead to acquisition
  6. Strengthens your referral network
  7. Invites abundance

f) Chance to have fun and celebrate!

It is one of the opportunities for you and your employees to get your minds away from work and re-energise.

At the same time, your employees will be able to discuss the achievement of the person being rewarded, reflecting on it and how to be better.

Not only memories will be created but employees will be encouraged to strive further. 

Which did apply for my team and me.

Overall, it was a splendid event where synergy was created within the team to achieve better and personal bonds and commonalities became much stronger.

Truly grateful to be given the opportunity to attend HR Vendor of the Year 2019.

And indeed thankful to have a positive and welcoming workplace culture that accepts everyone for who they are.

A team that I couldn’t ask for more.

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