Tech Jobs You Need to Know That Is Developing Rapidly

Tech Jobs

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the time when everything requires some form of human intervention. From factories to shops. The public feared in the future, humans will be made redundant as new technology will soon replace the human effort. The truth is, even as the latest tech tools and techniques that requires human intervention redundant, emerging sciences is creating new tech jobs in the technology arena.

From the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables to 3D printing, the most recent innovations in science and technology are leading to a boom of new opportunities. Here are some IT jobs that have been created or to be created that will shape the industry’s future:

IoT jobs

Everything in the 21st century is largely based in the virtual world. The need for connections for daily necessities such as negotiating a business deal with your client in France. The Internet of Things is changing our way of lives, from everyday objects that requires network connectivity that gives them the ability to both send and receive data has already caused significant disruption of the job market on a worldwide scale. As technologies keep improving and evolving, new skill sets will be in demand as older jobs will become obsolete. A few possibilities for new and expanding roles in IoT include:

  1. Head of IoT. A senior-level leader who manages the transition to IT initiatives and then oversees subsequent corporate IoT initiatives.
  2. IoT software engineer. A professional engineer with a background in software development and expertise in cutting-edge IoT offerings, eco-systems and protocols, as well as messaging systems and cloud/web technologies.
  3. E-discovery investigators. A specialized investigator who can uncover, collect and analyze data from electronic devices in the world of IoT, where connected devices are all uniquely identifiable.

Wearable technology jobs

Wearable gadgets are transforming the growth and development of tech jobs. Researchers are exploring a wide range of practical uses for wearable technology in the work force. As wearable gadgets grow in popularity and the IoT continues to expand across sectors there are bound to be an influx of new opportunities and jobs in this sector of the virtual world. Here are a few jobs that will emerge:

  1. Wearable technology implementation manager. A tech-savvy IT project manager specializing in wearables implementation who focuses on implementing wearables information systems into business environments, and overseeing wearables projects to ensure that they stay on budget and meet timing guidelines
  2. Wearable technology/IoT trainer. An IT trainer who ideally has firsthand experience developing products and services in wearables and IoT and specializes in training and certification in this emerging field
  3. Wearable technology/IoT-specific engineer. A credentialed engineer with additional expertise in the areas most likely to affect a wearable product (sensors, signal processing, etc)

3D printing jobs

While the rapid growth of 3D printing has led to job losses in the retail and manufacturing sectors. While this sudden shift of technology, there are a few benefits in the job pool. Conventional manufacturing jobs will definitely be a goner but this wave of innovation is also creating new jobs. Some of the new jobs that are created are:

  1. 3D modeling artist. A new type of computer graphics artist who specializes in 3D modeling to develop mathematical representations of 3D surfaces of objects
  2. CAD technical writer. A programmer or technical writer who develops the scripts needed as the CAD software market heats up from the expansion of 3D printing

When it comes to tech jobs in the modern age, these new job are just the tip of the iceberg. Advances in technology in many sectors such as robotics and other scientific advances are constantly creating new jobs. These new jobs will soon replace all the old and conventional jobs. is an integrated platform for online Hirers and IT Workforce (Employees, Contract workers and Virtual Talents) to get intelligently connected and transact. We match companies to awesome talent, through a precise combination of data science and human judgement.