Which IT Role Suits You?


The IT sector is huge and has a lot of roles for you to choose. But which are the ones that suit you? It is useful to know the difference is each role and decide on what suit you the most! Here are some information to guide you through on the jobs that are suitable for you.

Database Administrators

The responsibility of a database administrator involves storing and administration of data on application and services, ensure data security, availability to users and user security like managing of user passwords. They are also responsible for system maintenance like upgrading of OS.

Computer Programmers

Programmers create and maintain software. They also develop the solutions for technical errors. Programmers are usually taught limited numbers of programming languages in school, but as more skills set are required in work, they continue to study more. As a programmer, you have to be enthusiastic to learn so as to stay updated with the ever-changing technology.

Desktop Support Technician

Desktop Support Technician are always at the front line of the IT industry. They are the ones who communicate with the users and understand what is wrong. They answer calls from users and deals with primary to less complex issues. Most IT personnel start off as a desktop support. This role gives you the exposure to different software and hardware issues, and you get to learn troubleshooting skills.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

These managers guide the team and work on IT related project that the company needs. They also implement systems that are necessary to meet IT goals.

Network Engineers

Network Engineers design, execute and manage the networks of the company such as servers and clients. They work on command line tools such as routers and switches. But network engineers usually have to have to stay after office hours if there are any changes or updates to be made, so as to not affect other users. This is an in-demand position as most companies needs someone to work on their network.

With these overview of the job responsibilities, you can decide on what roles are suitable for you!
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