HR Outsourcing Services by IHRP Certified Professionals

IoTalent’s award-winning team of HR professionals is well versed in providing HR outsourcing services. Our HR services range from HR advisory, Recruitment, MOM Work Pass applications, and Payroll Services. You will get IHRP Certified Professionals carrying out the services; hence, we will never compromise our quality of work. We have the expertise and local knowledge to advise HR matters according to Singapore laws and regulations. Our HR certified Professionals can help save your time as we are up-to-date with the latest from the Ministry of Manpower.

We ensure professional administration, absolute confidentiality, consistency, and timely service delivery that includes Leave Management, Claim Management, IR8A, and IR21 Tax calculations and submissions, Monthly SDL, and CPF payment processing. Our services are bundled with the latest HR software compliant with MOM rules, ensuring that all the HR details are one click away. Employees will be given access to e-HR portal where they can access their leave, claim and payroll details.

By choosing us as your Payroll Outsourcing Partner, you will be leaving your requirements in the good hands of payroll experts with many years of experience in payroll processing.

Why Outsource Payroll? Find out how we can help you:

We can help save your time with:

  • HR Data Management which includes personal particulars, onboarding, termination and resignation details
  • Accurate timely payroll services
  • Preparation of monthly CPF contribution
  • Preparation of detailed company payroll report for management’s review.
  • Detailed claim management and monthly submission of claim reports including claim receipts
  • Accurate leave management with the accessibility of leave history and leave eligibility
  • Publish confidential online itemised payslip to employees via mobile app as well as through portal
  • Preparation / submission of employment income information for your employees (IR8a), cessation of foreign employee (IR21).
  • Preparation / submission of ad-hoc claims such as national service, maternity and childcare.
  • Provide employee e-portal access with high security through which they can view their increment letters, payslips, expense claims and leave details.

Bundled HR Information System

Our HR system helps:

  • To improve business intelligence with dynamic reporting, tracking and maintaining confidential data, leave and benefit records, and career movements of employees
  • Your staff will be able to receive their payslips via email, in hardcopy or log into their self-service portal on the Desktop or Mobile App to view their payslips.
  • Instant insight into payroll details with payment analysis.
  • Employees can perform HR self-service functions from any mobile device.

What our Payroll Outsourcing Covers

Personnel Management

  • Onboard, track and manage your employee’s data.
  • Insights for managers and empower them with the essential information of employees, encouraging good employee engagement and improvement in company performance.
  • Execute business and approval workflow

Claims Management

  • Efficient expenses and benefits claim tracking by setting up the company’s claims policies and manage the expenses claim workflow.
  • Free employees from tedious expenses and benefits claim submission processes through mobile devices or desktop.
  • Managers can access and also monitor employees' expenditures and manage the company budget report more effectively. Managers can approve expenses claim submissions from anywhere without need to print receipts.
  • Availability of claims history and reports from employees enables the managers to track their expenses that will be useful for the team in planning and controlling the allocation of budget.

Payroll Management

  • Employees are given insight into their payroll and income tax details through self-service functions and a mobile app.

Leave Management

  • Paperless and hassle-free process in managing employee leaves for your business.
  • Easily streamline, track and evaluate your employees’ details
  • Effective implementation of leave policies and employees can also enjoy the convenience of viewing their leave information and submitting their leave application for approval on their mobile devices.
  • Visibility to team’s leave plan and availability, allowing managers better basis to approve/reject leave applications to make necessary adjustments to avoid manpower shortage.
  • Leave requests are automatically routed to the appropriate company manager, saving time spent on administrative work.


  • We vigilantly monitor and maintain our security standards to ensure your business’s confidential information is protected.
  • We enforce confidential data to be encrypted in our HR software.
  • We conduct regular data backup and data health check to guarantee data safety in processes and systems.


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