3 Tips that would increase your chance of getting hired



The interview is one of the most difficult meetings out there. Everyone who is applying for the job is trying to sell themselves to the hirers and impressing them. Because how we present ourselves in front of them affect the result the results of the interview, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on these three crucial points that would make the interviewers amazed!

  1. Know your Resume

It’s obvious because everyone knows their resume. But what I meant was to know every single detail of your resume. Specifically to those who gives a different resume to cater different companies or job posts.

Things that you have included in this resume may not be in the other one. As interviewers tend to ask you questions based on your resume, knowing it well does help you to answer them.


  1. Thinking out loud

Not the Ed Sheeran song! But the way you speak! Stalling is one of the common mistake made by interviewees, replying with an “I don’t know” or they do not have an answer ready. When you encounter a question you are not sure about, try repeating the interviewer’s questions and respond by saying your thoughts out loud. This would tell the interviewers that you’re thinking and not stalling.


  1. Communicating Nonverbally

You may notice that when you are nervous, you will tend to stare at the floor or table, trying to avoid the eye contact with your interviewers or fidget around in your seat. This makes it obvious to the interviewers that you are nervous, and you may end up losing this job opportunity even if you are the ideal candidate of their choice. Try having a mock interview with a friend or in front of the mirror and take note of your eye contact or body languages. Make yourself look confident!

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