Why being a Mobile Application Developer is the future?

So You want to be a Software Engineer

Remember the time when your parents kept nagging at you for constantly fiddling around with your smart phones along with the constant dread of being reminded to stop playing games on your smart phones and telling you it is bad? Does bring back the memories right? For all of you mobile geeks out there, it’s good news! In the modern day 21st century, the frequency and availability of mobile applications is abundant. Plenty fill up the respective application “stores”. It is almost like a market fair. Many great applications appear on the top charts quickly, similarly to how the reactions pour into the 2016 United States presidential campaign. Here are some good reasons why being a mobile application developer is the future

The tools you require is readily available like hotcakes

There are some basic tools and more advance tools that you can find on the internet such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Xamarin. Microsoft Visual Studio is an almost universal application development platform. You can develop applications for your computer and even your iPhones and iPads using a special software adapter. Xamarin for instance, you can develop an application for Android and iOS platforms solely from C#. A good start from somewhere if you ask me.

The constant growth of rapid development of enterprise applications

Now, don’t get me wrong. Enterprise applications is NOT solely based on your desktops. The modern age calls for rapid development for enterprise applications on mobile devices. There is an estimate that almost 35% of large enterprise companies are having their own app development platform. That calls for enterprise app developers are making big money in such a scenario. Some Mobile Application developers are already gaining momentum in the tech world. But there is no doubt that they are achieving great feats in the mobile app development landscape.

Digital monetary transactions are in your pocket

I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with online marketplaces like Carousell and eBay. All these are classified as mobile commerce (M-Commerce) applications. The need for physical cash is dying rapidly as most monetary transactions are done online. Credit cards and cash are beginning to become obsolete, a thing of the past. A few examples of digital monetary transactions are money Transfers, Online shopping, mobile ticketing and more. These are some revolutionary features that is taking the world by whole.

The presentation and extractions of documents need not be on your computer

Google Documents. Google Drive. Does ring a bell right? Almost everyone uses some form of virtual storage space called the cloud. Unsurprisingly, our mobile phones can download and access your cloud data from literally anywhere. Be it on the train to the shops or on the throne, it is right at your fingertips as it helps end users to synchronize and access their data from the cloud anywhere and with very little risk of corruption.  This trend of virtual storage development will continue and we will see a number of new cloud computing applications developing day after day.

All In all, as we progress further into the modern age of technology, the demand for mobile application developer will be on the rise.

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