6 IT Certificates That Will Make You A Better Tech Professional

If you are thinking of beginning a career in IT, it is good to have the requisite certifications at the ready. Certificates are a must have in IT; hirers look at your certifications as an indication of what skillsets you possess. This is why the certifications section was a key part of our guide on how to write a good technical CV.

We have compiled a set of certifications you should strive to attain for the good of your IT career. These certificates are among the most commonly required by employers. The knowledge you acquire through the learning process for these certificates will put you in good stead to perform well in many IT roles.

CompTIA Certifications

  • A+

    The A+ certificate certifies that you understand the most common IT technologies, both in hardware and software. This includes traditional devices, mobile devices, security and networking. You will be validated on your ability to maintain, troubleshoot, configure and set up these hardware and software, which include Windows, iOS, Andriod, PCs, for example.

    It also validates that you are problem solver that can communicate effectively and solve technical problems using useful problem-solving skills.
  • Network+

    Network+ certifies that you know and understand the key knowledge and skills required to deal with wired and wireless networks. Data networks bring much of the modern world together, with many essential services and businesses utilising their own data network for operations. Hence, being certified in Network+ assures that at least skills wise, you are in-demand.


The technology titan has software that is ubiquitous around the globe. Thus, it makes great sense to get yourself certified as a professional knowledgeable and skilled in Microsoft’s various products and services.

The company offers certifications with different levels, ranging from entry-level to expert. It has a large amount of certifications, so we will focus on the general points:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    This certificate validates that you have the requisite skills to make the best use of Office. Certificates are offered for each individual program like Word, Outlook etc. Upon attainment of the basic certificate, you may choose to take additional exams to achieve the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert and Master certificates.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate/Expert (MCSA / MCSE)

    You start out by being a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), but most IT professionals take the additional exams needed to get to Expert level. This is a broad category of certificates, designed to validate the ability to design and configure data solutions, for both on-premise databases and cloud services.

    This makes this set of certificates a must for network admins, data admins, system engineers and senior managers.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

    Want to build applications for Windows products? This is the certificate to get. A MCSD certificate validates that you know how to build applications for both mobile and the web. Technologies covered include Azure, SharePoint, Visual Studio and .Net.

Cisco Certifications

  • Certis Cisco Network Associate (CCNA)Networking knowledge and skills have become increasingly important with time. According to Cisco, the competencies of a skilled network engineer become more vital as enterprises migrate toward controller based architectures.A great certificate to have is the CCNA. A CCNA in Routing and Switching validates your skills to manage, configure and troubleshoot enterprise-level networks. You will be equipped with the foundations of current networking technologies, while setting yourself up to be ready for the usage of next-generation technologies.


Achieving these certifications assures employers that you have what it takes to do a wide variety of IT roles, as well as open you up to more advanced certification opportunities and job positions. Some the roles these certifications can lead to you are: desktop engineer, system administrator, database administrator, network engineer, network administrator, application developer. All these roles are a great start for an exciting and dynamic career in IT!

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