Announcing IoRecruit: Our Talent Advocacy Network

Our mission has always been to connect quality tech talents with great jobs and employers, using a combination of old-school recruiting methods and proprietary HR technology.

We also believe in the effectiveness of word-of-mouth and crowdsourcing, where the power of the people can be harnessed to achieve great results for candidates and clients alike.

Introducing: IoRecruit

We are proud to announce the launch of IoRecruit, our Talent Advocacy program. Using the synergy that collective human intelligence provides, we can better augment our recruitment process and deliver better results for our stakeholders.

For Talent Advocates like you and me, this means we get to share IoTalents and job openings with our social network, giving our friends and family the opportunity to get the tech jobs they desire!

Hirers stand to benefit too, by gaining access to previously unreachable talent pools. Crowdsourcing from a network of referral generators allow for higher quality talents to be targeted.

Take note though, IoRecruit is not just a simple referral program. It is an entire ecosystem of technologies and features that we are rolling out in phases – all centered on the theme of social recruitment. We want to place good candidates in good jobs, and we want you to be part of this process.

How Do I Participate?

Begin by creating an account with us and complete your profile to 100%. Following which, you may start referring your friends and family to IoTalents. If you are already an IoTalents member, simply login and fill up your profile to 100% to begin.

You can choose to share IoTalents in general, or directly refer your network to job openings listed on our site.

Help your network get the jobs they want! If your referral gets selected for a job placed through IoTalents, you stand to receive attractive cash incentives as our way of saying ‘Thank you!’.

To learn more about IoRecruit, please visit the official page.

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