Hands-on Blockchain Workshop [July 12 2018]

We held our very first Hands-On Blockchain Workshop at the comforts of NTUC Centre on July 12. The event’s speaker-expert was Jack Hua, Managing Director at tech development and consultancy firm AlphaXLab and veteran Blockchain Consultant.

The event attracted nearly 100 people in attendance, from freelancers to corporate professionals seeking to learn more about the wonders of blockchain technology. The main highlight of the evening was the Hands-on practical session. Attendees got to try out building of a simple Blockchain based app for themselves, writing code to get the software to work.

Here is what went down:

Food glorious food! In anticipation of our largest turnout ever, we catered tasty cooked food for all attendees. We ensure that your hunger for knowledge is not the only thing we fulfil at our events!

At the same time, the sumptuous food provided, together with the cozy environment encouraged attendees to chat with one another. Networking is something we always find important!

The event itself starts! Jack started out by explaining the basics of Blockchain. What is it,

Singapore Airlines Krisflyer – Blockchain based digital wallet.

what its components are and how it works. Companies which are already utilising blockchain were shared as examples. Did you know SIA’s KrisFlyer recently launched its digital blockchain-based wallet? This is just one example in the corporate space whereby organisations are using blockchain to enhance operational efficiency.


The hands-on component of the workshop was the main attraction for many. Attendees were given the opportunity to try their hands at writing simple blockchain code. Web applications featuring blockchain were showcased to demonstrate how blockchain works in a real-world scenario. Don’t just learn by listening, learn by listening AND doing!

By the end of the night, we had all learnt a great deal about blockchain technology and the impact it has on our lives, business and more. No other emerging technology has been hotter than blockchain, given how cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have been popping up all over the place.

One key takeaway from this workshop was: while blockchain has the power to revolutionise many industries, you should consider carefully if your business has an actual need for blockchain. Not all companies benefit by having blockchain, and not all blockchain projects are worth the time and effort spent. But nevertheless, it is always good to understand the world of blockchain technology – because knowledge is powerful.

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