What Not to Include in Your Cover Letter

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We have talked about some tips on writing your cover letter in the previous post. Now let’s talk about what not to write. Writing a good cover letter can increase your chance of getting hired. Avoid writing the wrong things that would give a wrong impression about you. Here are some things to not include in your resume.

  1. Telling what you do not have

Many job seekers out there often include skills that they do not have. Phrases like ‘Although I do not have this skills….” are often seen in resumes. One thing they do not realize is that emphasizing on the skills that they do not have would give a wrong impression to the hiring manager that you are not suitable for the job. Instead, write about the skills set you have to impress them. For example, if you are applying for an IT related job, write about the skills, experience and abilities you have instead of those you do not.

  1. Overselling yourself

Like what I have stated in the previous post, you should be proud of the skills set you have. However, not too much. It may make you seem arrogant. There is only a thin line between being confident and arrogant. So, be mindful of how you present your skills set to the hiring manager!

  1. Bad mouthing about your previous company

This would not help you with your chances of getting the job. Saying how you cannot get along with your former boss or how you were treated unfairly will only make you look bad. Sometimes, the recruiters will not even look at your resume after seeing this.

  1. Requirements and expectations

Do not include your salary requirements and expectation of the job in your interview. Only include this when you are instructed. It is more important to show your interest in the job and not the pay. If possible, let the employers talk about the salary first.

  1. Addressing the person or company’s name wrongly

They may think that you have sent it incorrectly and it will be thrown in the trash. On the other hand, it may also show that you are just sending your resumes to several companies without paying attention to the different details. This gives a poor impression of you.

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