What You Need To Do Before Writing A Resume


Resume writing can be a hassle or even a nightmare especially if you are a recent graduate from your local college. Let’s just say you have graduated from college with a degree and you have no idea how to piece all the educations and majors into a piece of paper. The word “resume” is a universal word for a list or description of what you do best in. And that is exactly what an employer needs. But, what needs to be done before writing one? Here are some tips and advice to do before writing one:

First things first, you have to start with your name, Identification Number(ID), address and email. This is the most logical approach to any given situation when you have to introduce yourself in a general way. A little word of advice, be wary of your email address. Your email ID should be appropriately named. Try not to have inappropriate email IDs such as “iamgreatwhiteshark@abc.com” as this will definitely not give a good first impression.

It is important to pool together and jot down your skills and experiences that is relevant to the ideal job you are looking for. Start your resume with a summary statement that discusses your career objectives and personal strengths. Do include a summary of your skills as it should highlight the experiences and qualifications that the employer is seeking. If the employer only bothers to read your summary, what you have done in your career and what you want to do. List down the schools and colleges you have attended, also with your graduation or expected graduation date and type of degree. Also, list down your past jobs or internships. Write a brief description of the jobs you held, be it a specific goal or task.

Another important factor is to make your resume stand out from the others is to choose the right style and design. There are three basic types of resumes: chronological, functional and combination. Each has its own focus points that emphasises different parts of a resume. Choose a stylish and outstanding design where it naturally catches the eye of those who look at your resume. Do not write your resume in an essay format as this will definitely bore the one who is analysing it.

Last but not least, the most important, the integrity of your resume. It plays a vital and crucial role in securing the job you are looking for. The most logical advice is to be as honest as possible. Never ever lie or misinterpret any experiences or skills you have achieved. This is very important as your future to be employers are not a bunch of fools who won’t be able to figure out any lies or deception in your resume. Background checks are the most common method to sniff out any irregularities in your history of experience and skills.

All in all, I do hope these tips are beneficial to those who are writing a resume for a specific job. Try heading down to IoTalents and start applying for your ideal job!

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