This Simple Rule Is The Secret To Getting Your Dream Job


Want to know the sneakiest little lie you’re told that is one of the biggest things preventing you from getting what you want in life? What is the thing that is holding you back from a successful career and getting your dream job? I can tell you that it is simply a lie you believe in. What is this lie? Why is it so dangerous and critical to me? Let alone everyone? Let me explain to you.

The Great Lie Many Believe In

The root of this lie largely makes up on your perspective of the world than anything else. That is why it is very powerful and hard to change. It is everywhere. It is in the media, our culture and it’s driven so deeply into your head that you tell yourself you cannot make it. This is what’s holding you back from fulfilling your dreams, getting the job you want, and living the life you deserve. However, there is a solution to this mess. You may have heard of this person called Tai Lopez, an internet entrepreneur. He calls it “The 90% Rule”. So what is this “The 90% Rule”?

The 90% Rule

What it means is that most people focus on 10% of things in their life, when they should be focusing on the 90%. Sounds rather simple eh? Hold on a minute to check out these examples and see if you are a part of the 10%:

  • Have you every dragged yourself through the week if work just so you can relax in the weekend?
  • How about crawling through a month or two so you can take a vacation?
  • Or maybe struggle through a job you hate longer than planned just to get a raise or bonus?

If you said yes to the questions above, you are focusing on the 10% when you can work on improving the 90%! What it all comes down to is distractions in our lives. We distract ourselves from an undesirable situation by focusing on something preferred in the future. While this is an easy way to get through short term challenges, it is not effective on the long run if you desire a solution for success.

How To Overcome The 10% & Get Your Dream Job

You lived in the present. You focus on changing things NOW. Not tomorrow or next week. NOW. Decide 100% that you are not going to accept any lesser you deserve in your career and life. Instead of suffering through another work day, week, month, or year by distracting yourself with false hope that the future will be better, do something about your life NOW. Time flies faster as you age. You don’t have much time to waste.

A great first step to focusing on and changing the 90% is to figure out the cause that is making you unhappy at work and improve it to make yourself happier. You might not need a new job at all. Just take some courage to fix the situation at work. Or maybe it’s time you start getting your resume ready and look for something better. Next, reflect on what “game” you want to play in this life and make sure it’s a game worth winning. Have some expectations on the essentials of your career. A few examples are: well-paying job, the freedom of time and what you are passionate in doing. In my opinion, that is a game worth winning. Stick to this and you should be able to overcome many challenges in your career.

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