What You Should Not Do In A Job Interview


Knowing the etiquettes of a job interview is very important especially if you are a fresh graduate. You should be dressed professionally, bring the necessary documents, make eye contact, don’t ask about payment and benefits straight way and blah blah blah. This is common sense. Literally. But knowing what NOT to do is as equally important. All interviewers at some point have complaints about job applicants and their actions. One example was a candidate went into the room wearing a crop top. Least to say, that candidate did not get the job. How do you ensure your job interview will be a successful? Avoid doing these few things that I am about to advise you to.

  • Being late for the interview.

The number one thing you should never ever do before a job interview is to be late for it. You will surely be put under the rejection list. Guaranteed. Why? According to interviewers, this shows you have poor time management. Also, this implies that you have no respect and consideration of others. Always plan your journey before you leave your house. It is better to be an hour early than a minute too late.

  • Applying for many jobs in the same company.

No, seriously. Believe it or not, there are some people out in this world who does this. These kind of people apply for every job in the career section of a company’s website. It might sound smart and make you a master of all trades. But in reality, this just makes you look desperate for a job by sending out multiple job applications and the recruiter views it as a lack of focus with no mastery of a specific skill.

  • Misinterpretations of a resume

The most common reason why resumes go straight to the reject pile is largely due to grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t even start on a horribly written or incomplete resume. The worst of the worst that frustrates every interviewer is a resume that looks extravagant, then realising the candidate was exaggerating or misrepresenting information on the resume. Lying about your previous job position and your skills won’t do you any good when an employer figured out that you are lying. This severely undermines your credibility and integrity.

  • Dressing in a sloppy manner

How you dress for an interview plays a very big factor in the first impression you make to the interviewer. Dress appropriately and neatly. When you go for an interview wearing an oversized shirt, ragged shoes and pants that is not put together properly, you are clearly giving a very bad impression no matter what you say about yourself in the interview. if you are unsure about the dress code, check with the recruiter or someone affiliated to the company. Better to overdress than to underdress.

  • Having zero knowledge about the company

The company you are applying to expects the least for you to know what is their profession. By asking them what their company does during the interview might come across as an insult to the company. The interviewer just assume that you are not interested in finding out how to do the job. In this age of technology, there is really no excuse for going into an interview without a solid foundation of knowledge about the company. So, do your research thoroughly.

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